Dr. Scabies Small Family Package

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Dr. Scabies Small Family Package

Dr. Scabies Popular Small Family Package

  • 3 x 2oz jar Homeopathic Scabies Cream
  • 2 x 15ml Homeopathic Scabies Solution
  • 2 x 3oz Homeopathic Scabies Liquid Soap

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    Healed! Yay!

    Posted by Cynthia on 2019 Apr 22nd

    After several months of an unrelenting itch that would not go away, I got on the Internet and Googled "skin itching at night." To my horror, up popped article after article on Scabies. I found Dr. Scabies products and immediately ordered. Being a healthcare worker who has had lots of skin to skin contact, I believed this very well could be what I had. My mistake was GOING TO THE DOCTOR to confirm what I had!
    When I presented myself to the doctor, the first thing out of my mouth was "I think I have scabies." She examined between my fingers and toes (where I had no lesions.) When I showed her the rash developing under my breasts, she erroneously diagnosed me as having a candidate infection. I was sent home with anti fungal and cortico steroid cream. Of course it did no good. The rash ended up spreading. I kept going back to the doctor with my complaints whilst my Dr. Scabies products sat in my cupboard for THREE MORE YEARS!!! My "doctors" sent me on a wild goose chase of treatment for everything from allergies to contact dermatitis. This in turn lead to more suffering for another THRE YEARS as I tried going gluten free, nut free and a zillion other "free" diets all the while suffering as the infestation continued to advance.
    Finally, one day, I couldn't take it anymore as it had now spread to my scalp, underarms, back and groin. I decided my doctors were useless and I had to take matters into my own hands. I rooted out my Dr. Scabies remedies (now at the back of the cabinet-still unopened.) I still did not really believe I had Scabies at this point because no less than five doctors had seen me none of whom said "Hey, this could be Scabies!" But no doctor or nurse ever took a scraping of the skin, so how could they really know? (Kaiser Permanente.)
    In the end I figured what did I have to lose with a gentle homeopathic remedy when I had thus far been torturing my skin with other more harsh treatments to no avail?
    I used all three products religiously and according to the directions. I scrubbed down with the sulphur soap, let it sit for five to ten minutes, rinsed off. Then I followed with the soak. Then after air drying applied the cream. I did this once to twice a day with cream applications in between. It has now been ten days and my skin is clear! And thank the Lord for Dr. Scabies, the incessant night horror of itching is gone! I am so grateful this six year ordeal is coming to an end! I am making sure to prevent re-infestation by cleaning my home as well as clothing and bedding daily. But just to make sure, I bought extra Dr. Scabies to do some prophylactic cleanses down the line. If you think you too might have Scabies, do not delay! It will only get worse. Buy this terrific, gentle product for you and all the members of your household and begin TODAY! You have nothing to lose but your sanity with these buggers! Good luck and good health to you! Praise be to Gid and these wonderful products!!!